Wednesday, December 19, 2012

SBS: Babywearing

Small Business Spotlight: Babywearing

The babywearing world is FULL of small business.  In fact, most companies that make and sell baby carriers would fall into the small business category.  But for the purpose of this post, I am more interested in focusing on the tiny, micro companies like myself and many other home based businesses.

Since there are so many and I don't want to do post after post, I'm going to limit the babywearing spotlights to this post and list several small babywearing businesses that I love.  These are in no specific order. :)

Sleeping Baby Productions
Jan has been making ring sling since 2001!  Her slings are very affordable and are made to order which allows you to order the exact size and fabric you want.  Jan has TONS of babywearing experience and expertise and is a very respected among the babywearing community.

SweetPea Ring Slings
Making slings since 2006, the owner of SweetPea Ring Slings is a work at home mom with a full crew of active kiddos.  Her slings come in a large variety of options that allow you to have a one of a kind sling.

Kalea Baby
Kalea Baby carries in stock ring slings as well as doing wrap conversion slings and custom orders.  Specializing in linen, Crystal make beautiful ring slings with accented stitching.

Nuzzle Me Creations
Nuzzle Me Creations is actually a work at home dad what makes all their carriers.  Tim designed the UMC: Ultimate Man Carrier (or Mama Carrier) which quickly became popular for all the added features that could be added.  They also carry strap covers and a couple other misc items.

Started in 2005 as Chi-Chi Mio Designs, AngelPack specializes in making buckle carrier.  AngelPack carriers are made in the Dominican Republic, where Nelly was born and raised.  She started a sewing house there to help support the community where she grew up.  Their sewing house not only offers employment to the local community, but it also utilizes renewable energy to help power their facility.

Two Mommas Designs
Two Mommas Designs is known for their mei tai and buckle carriers.  Most orders are custom made and can be customized with a variety of options.  They also make kid carriers and seriously adorable little cloth shoes that can be made from wrap scraps!

There are many, many more awesome small businesses that make and sell baby carriers, like Olives & Applesauce and Wrapsody, and I could go on forever listing them!  It's easy to fall in love with babywearing and want to be a part of it in a bigger way.  I love getting to be a part of so many people's babywearing experiences!  So thank you for your support!

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