Sunday, October 9, 2011

International Babywearing Week 2011

Babywearing... a world of possibilities!

International Babywearing Week kicks off Oct 10th, 2011 and runs through the 16th.  This years theme is "a world of possibilities" which is the perfect theme to talk about babywearing and applies in so many ways!

There are so many possibilities of different kinds of carriers making it possible for everyone to find their ideal carrier.  Babywearing also opens up so many possibilities to both parents and babies.  Babywearing allows parents to get more done and also enjoy much more time being close to their babies.  It also allows baby and parents to more easily go places together that might not be as accessible otherwise.  Baby also gets to experience and take in so much more of the world when being worn.

So how has babywearing opened a world of possibilities to you?  One of my favorites... I love shopping with my baby and toddler while babywearing.  They are so much more content when I am wearing them.  They get to see all kinds of things while I am shopping and it's so easy to talk to them about what I am doing when they are along for the ride with me.  I didn't wear my first when I shopped when he was young and it's a totally different experience.  It's also a lot less frustraiting when they are toddler since they aren't trying to climb out of the cart or grab everything within reach... although they can and will still grab stuff while being worn!

I am so grateful that I discovered the world of babywearing and hope more people have the chance to learn about and experience babywearing.  So in honor of International Babywearing Week, we're offering 10% off the purchase of any baby carrier at Zerberts this week!  Use coupon code BW2011 at checkout to receive your discount.

Do someone a favor and spread the word!!!  Babywearing may open a world of possibilities to them too!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Boba 3G and more!

Big changes at Boba Inc

A new website isn't the only thing new from the Boba family.  Nap Inc is officially re-branding as Boba and the new website is just one of the exciting changes we are seeing.

For the most part, the re-branding is just a name change.  The former Sleepy Wrap is now the Boba Baby Wrap, but it is still the same stretch wrap so many have come to know and love, just new packaging.  But the re-branding is coinciding with the new release of the Boba 3G Baby Carrier and a new Boba Pack.

The Boba 3G 

The Boba 3G is the third generation of Boba carrier and has some fun new features.  One of the more exciting and obvious changes is that the Boba 3G will be available in 4 fun prints as well as 3 solid color combinations. The browns and greens we saw with the 2G are gone, but they've added a solid black to the selection of baby carriers.

The new Boba 3G baby carrier is no longer just for older babies and toddlers!  The Boba 3G baby carrier converts to a newborn carrier without needing to purchase an additional insert.  (see how)  So the Boba 3G is now designed to be used for babies and toddlers 7-45 lbs!

The Boba 3G still has the removable foot straps that are unique to the Boba carrier, but they now have a snap adjustment instead of the hook and loop we saw on the 2G.  The sleeping hood is fully removable and can be stored in the front pocket or rolled up when not in use.

New to the 3G, there are now pockets on the waist belt, including a small pocket that zips closed.  They've also added shoulder strap holders that can be used to hold a purse in place to keep it from slipping off your shoulder while babywearing.  Check out this video for a sneak peak at these new features:

They have stated that the waist belt has been redesigned for maximum comfort, but it remains to be seen if there is a significant difference.  The Boba 3G is designed to fit wearers from 5'0" to 6'3" tall with a waist belt that adjusts from 25" to 58" wide.

The price of the 3G is another change from the 2G it is replacing.  The new 3G will retail at $120 for solids and $125 for prints.  The Boba Carrier 3G Organic will also be available, but only in 3 colors and at the higher price of $160.  This is a significant jump from the current cost of the Boba 2G Carriers, especially at the current sale prices available.  So some people may decide to pass on the great new features offered by the 3G to take advantage of a more cost effective option.

The Boba Carrier 3G will be available for purchase soon.  Stay tuned for your chance to pre-order one of these carriers!

Summery of the Boba 3G features:
  • 100% Cotton
  • Front and back carry options
  • Removable sleeping hood
  • Adjustable sleeping hood, adjusting in length to fit growing babies
  • Zipper pouch may be used to store your hood when not in use
  • Comfortably fits heights 5’0” – 6’3”
  • Waistband range: 25” – 58”
  • Additional adjustments for easier fit & breastfeeding
  • Patent-pending removable foot straps
  • Elastic bands neatly roll up straps
  • Shoulder strap holders keep purses and diaper bags in place
  • Easily adjustable chest strap
  • Uniquely designed to “hug” your child
  • Converts to an infant carrier without an insert
  • Extra head support adjustments for infants
  • Body of carrier rises 2-3” higher than other brands
  • Multiple pockets for on-the-go storage
  • High quality military grade buckles

The Boba Pack

Boba has come out with a new bag called the Boba Pack.  This is basically and babywearing friendly diaper bag that can be worn over your shoulder, or attacked to your baby carrier or stroller.

The Boba pack seems really cool and I love that it can attach to a stroller, but I am just not convinced I would like it attached to the front of my baby carrier.  It seems like an awesome idea in theory, but I feel like it would be bulky and I don't know how much stuff I would feel comfortable carrying in it if I am putting that on the front of my body and on my baby's back.  It would be worth a try though, I might be surprised!

The Boba Pack will retail for $100 and comes in patterns that will match the new Boba 3G carriers.

Boba Pack features:
  • 100% cotton
  • Easily attaches to most baby carriers and strollers, or may be worn over-the-shoulder
  • Separate waterproof pouch for dirty clothes
  • 10 pockets total, including an insulated bottle pocket
  • Available in 5 color combinations, coordinating perfectly with your Boba Carrier 3G
  • Adjustable, removable shoulder strap
  • Lifetime guarantee

So what do you think?  Will you be rushing out to buy one of the new 3G carriers when they hit the market?  What do you think of the newborn option?  What about the Boba Pack?  In love or not convinced yet?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Leave the car seat in the car...

Trigger warning!

Tuesday, Sept 20th, a 3 month old baby dies when the car seat they were in fell from a shopping cart.  (link to article)  This unimaginable tragedy is a sad, sad reminder why car seats should stay in cars.

Most people don't realize this, but balancing car seats on shopping carts is very dangerous.  We see everyone do it, and it seems safe enough.  I know I was just as ignorant as most other parents.  But the reality is that car seats do fall from shopping carts and the injuries a baby receives can be fatal.

There are other dangers too.  The shopping cart could roll away and this is especially dangerous if you are in a parking lot.  Shopping carts also are easily tipped over, especially by older children than may be hanging inappropriately off the cart.

Infant car seats are better off being left in the car.  Instead, babywearing is a much better option.  It's not only safer, but babies also tend to be much more content and happy when being worn while shopping.  Young babies will often just fall asleep and older babies and toddlers tend to be more patient.

Unfortunately accidents happen and there is no way to be completely safe, be we can be safer and avoid certain risks.  Please spread the word about the dangers of using car seats in shopping carts.  Do yourself a favor and leave the car seat in the car and grab a baby carrier instead.

My heart goes out the the family in the article referenced above.  I can not imagine their pain during this loss.  My sincere condolences.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

NEW! Hoppediz Jacquard Pune

They're here!  They're here!  And I am in LOVE!!!  The latest wrap by Hoppediz, the Jacquard Pune, is amazing.

First, I'll give you the basics.  The Jacquard Pune is available in 2 color ways, pink with orange and turquoise with lime.  The design on these wraps is a peacock feather and these wraps revers to the "wrong side" which allows for two looks in one wrap.

These wraps are unlike any other wrap from Hoppediz.  They are completely different in texture than the Jacquard Chicago.  The Jacquard Chicago is much stiffer and feels thicker, though there is no significant weight difference between the two (maybe an ounce or two).  The Jacquard Pune is extremely soft and floppy directly out of the box.  I would even describe it as having a silky texture, like a really high quality Egyptian cotton or even a silk blend.

Pune Pink taken in shade
Pune Pink taken in direct sun

These wraps are super light and airy which would make them perfect for summer.  They are very thin, probably as thin as the Hopp Light, but again, much floppier out of the box than a Hopp Light.

Pune Turquoise taken in shade
Pune Turquoise taken in direct sun

I am not a wrap expert by any means, but I can tell you that I love the feel of this wrap.  As soon as I touched it, I wanted to wrap my baby in it.  I think I would be petting this wrap all day if I were wearing it!  They are also far more stunning in person then what I could capture with the camera.  Definitely a wrap you will have to see and feel to believe!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Price increase for Moby

Moby has finally joined the many baby carrier manufacturers that have had to raise the prices of their carriers.  The increase in cotton prices is affecting all cotton products and the baby carrier industry is no exception.  Starting Sept 1st, Moby wraps will cost $44.95 for their standard wraps.

Some other price increases going back:
2nd prince increase for Hoppediz
BabyHawk price increase
Price increases again
Maya Wrap price increases
More price increases
Price increases

Saturday, June 25, 2011

2nd price increase for Hoppediz

Hoppediz has announce another price increase scheduled to come into affect July 2011.  This is the second price increase for Hoppediz this year.  If you have been following, you know that increased cotton prices and shipping costs are two major factors affecting the prices of baby carriers and other products.  Read more about it in this post.

We will not be increasing our prices immediately in July.  Instead, we will wait until we restock and adjust the prices accordingly.  It looks like prices will increase a minimum of $5 per wrap, but could be as much as $10.

So if you have been wanting a Hoppediz wrap, now may be the best time to buy.  We have also been seeing price increases in most other brands and more are likely to be announced as the trend continues.

Monday, June 13, 2011

BabyHawk price increase

Due largely to increased cotton prices as well as fuel prices and other factors, the babywearing community has seen price increases from many manufacturers.  BabyHawk is the latest manufacturer to announce a price increase.  Affective immediately, prices on BabyHawk carriers will rise $9 each.  So the BabyHawk mei tai will now retail for $89 and the Oh Snap is now $149.

It is not likely that this will be the last increase we see.  Maya Wrap, Wrapsody, Hoppediz, Sleepy Wrap, and several other brands have already implemented an increase.  Moby has yet to announce an increase, but I will be surprised if we don't see one this year.

For more information on the recent price increases, read the previous post where we discussed the issue.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New ABC prints!

Action Baby Carrier has announced their new 2011 prints!  They are introducing four new fun prints scheduled to arrive late July.  Snowberries, Galaxy and Robins Egg will still be available, but Kiley, Seaside and Mia will be discontinued.

The new prints:

Camper: Fun owl print paired with chocolate brown straps
Chain: Teal background with white and black overlaying ovals paired with black straps
Happy: Large floral print on chocolate brown straps
Island: Leafy/semi-floral print paired with tan straps
We're excited to get these new prints in stock!  Which ones are your favorites?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Coming soon... Hoppediz Jacquard Pune

Looks like Hoppediz is planning to release a new Jacquard print called Pune.  It will be available in two colorways, a turquoise/lime combination and a pink/orange combination.  Pune is eye catching with it's bright colors and beautiful peacock feather print.

Hoppediz is expecting to have these available starting the second week in August.  We are hoping these will be available to retailers, unlike the Chicago Plum that was a limited release that they chose not to sell wholesale.

We'll keep you posted once these come available!  We will probably run a pre-order for them in August.  Until then, check out these amazing pictures!

(c) Hoppediz
(c) Hoppediz

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Prices increase again

With the price of cotton increasing 150% since early 2010, the price of cotton based products is creeping up. (read more about the cotton crisis)  We have already seen several price increases in the babywearing community and that was just the beginning.

Effective July 1st, Wrapsody will have to implement faze two of their price increase.  Last December we saw the first price increase with their products.  Unfortunately, they knew there would probably need to be another if cotton prices didn't fall, so we will now see prices increase another $5 per wrap.  They are still hopeful that they will be able to lower prices if cotton prices fall, but as time continues and the cotton shortage grows, that looks less and less likely.

Sleepy Wrap has also announced a $5 price increase starting July 1st.  They join Maya Wrap, Wrapsody, Hoppediz, and many smaller WAHM based companies that have had to charge more for their products.  It is very likely that we will see more price increases later this year from other brands.

The good new is that maintaining the quality we have come to expect seems to be top priority.  No one wants to cut corners and make inferior products just to keep the price low.  So at least you can feel confident when you buy your next carrier that it's a few extra dollars well spent.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Newest wraps from Wrapsody

Wrapsody has come out with 5 new colorways!  3 new Bali Breeze wraps and 2 new Stretch-Hybrid wraps.  These wraps are an exciting new addition to the Wrapsody family.

New Bali Breeze:
Lana - neapolitan shades of pink and chocolate
Lily - purple fades to gray
Hope - a rainbow of colors that runs vertically!

New Stretch-Hybrid:
Kai - Brown fades to yellow
Sterling - black rails with gray center
These new wraps will ship next week!  We have already ordered some, but you can pre-order one if you don't want to wait!  Pre-order ends Wednesday, June 1st.

To make room for the new wraps, Wrapsody has decided to retire some of their colorways.  The following wraps will no longer be available:

Breeze: Gaia, Haumea, and Whitman
Stretch: Arie, Collins, Hiruko, Sebastian, Sol.

You can still find a few of these wraps, but soon they will be gone for good.  If you are hoping to get your hands on one of these colorways, don't wait!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Maya Wrap price increases

Not surprising, Maya Wrap has raised their prices.  They are just another of the many babywearing companies that has had to increase their prices in the last year.  Global cotton prices as well as increased expenses to meet new regulations has increased expenses to produce these products.

Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Slings now retail for $74.95.  We are currently clearing out our old stock, so grab one now if you are looking for a good deal.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Stretch Wrap Comparison

There are lots of stretch wraps out there, and lots of opinions about them, but what are the facts?  Here's a comparison of some of the stretch wraps available.

My 4 month old and I tested out a Sleepy Wrap, Moby, Anaju and a Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid.  My daughter was about 14.5 lbs when we did the comparison.  We tested them all during a 4 day period so she wouldn't be a different age or weight in order to make it a fair comparison.  We took before pictures with the wrap on, but without baby, then a photo when I put her in the wrap and one after wearing her for an hour or more.  I apologize for the leaning baby.  I know it makes it harder to compare her position before and after, but she likes to lean! :)  Guess the view must be better that way.

Time worn: 1 hour 5 minutes

The Anaju wrap is made out of a bamboo jersey.  It is super soft, thin, and light with moderate stretchiness.  Noticed only a slight settling of the baby in the wrap over the time worn.

Time worn: 2 hours

Moby's are a pretty common brand.  I have heard many describe the Moby as "saggy", but I found there was no significant sag even after wearing my baby for 2 hours in the Moby.  I did realize I had tied it too loose in the first photo and had tied it slightly tighter before putting my baby in the wrap (middle photo).  Overall, the Moby was comfortable with only a slight settling of my baby while I wore her.

Sleepy Wrap (now Boba Wrap)
Time worn: 1 hour 5 minutes

First, let me start out by saying that Sleepy Wraps (re-branded Boba Wrap) are VERY stretchy!  They are by far the stretchiest stretch wrap I have used.  Because of that, I have to wrap super tight when using the Sleepy Wrap.  Note how long the tails are even though the Sleepy Wrap is shorter than the Moby and the same length as the Anaju, that will give you a good point of reference for how tightly it is wrapped.

Now, I took 4 photos this time because 20 minutes in, I noticed that my baby was significantly lower in the wrap.  So I took a photo so I would be able to see if there would be any further sagging after the initial settling I was noticing.  In fact, my baby dropped much lower after an hour had passed.  I think I probably could have avoided any sagging if I had wrapped a little tighter, but I had thought it was tight enough.

So if you're using a Sleepy Wrap, make sure you wrap very tightly.  The first time I used one, my baby was only 9 lbs and tiny and she still sagged way down because I didn't have it tight enough.  So make sure you wrap tight enough to be secure and safe with the amount of stretch it has.

Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid
Time worn: 1 hour

The Wrapsody is a stretch hybrid and not a true stretch wrap since it only really stretches width wise and not length wise.  It's nice and thin, but still supportive.  It can be used with much older and heavier babies than a standard stretch wrap can.  It can also be used to do a variety of carries, including back carries which are NOT recommended with standard stretch wraps.

How they line up
Because of the varied stretchiness of these wraps, I don't trust my ability to measure accurately and fairly.  So instead, I placed these wraps side by side so you can see how the length compares.  The Anaju is slightly shorter than the Sleepy Wrap, with the Moby and Wrapsody about the same length.

Width comparison

Like before, I felt the most accurate way to compare the width of the wraps was to stack them.  The Wrapsody was the widest with the Anaju and Moby being the same length.  The Sleey Wrap was the narrowest of the group.

Weighing your options
I threw all of these wraps on my postal scale to see which was the lightest in weight.  Now I am sure the actual weight of a brand of wrap may vary since every wrap may not be cut to the exact same size.  But this will give you a good way to compare between brands.

Sleepy Wrap (aka Boba Wrap)- 1 lb 3.2 oz
Anaju - 1 lb 6 oz
Wrapsody Stretch - 1 lb 6 oz
Moby - 1 lb 10.6 oz

Now the Anaju and Wrapsody weighed the same amount, but you also need to consider the amount of fabric.  The Wrapsody has significantly more fabric than the Anaju when you consider the fact that it is both wider and longer than the Anaju.  So even though the Anaju and Wrapsody weigh the same, the Wrapsody is technically lighter inch for inch.  Similarly, the Sleepy Wrap came in as the lightest, but this is not surprising considering it is so much narrower than all the others.  So it is not necessarily the lightest wrap overall, in fact, it is one of the heaviest in my opinion.

Thick or thin
There is no good way for me to measure thickness, so I am going to have to resort to describing the feel as best I can.  This is very subjective and totally my opinion.  I'll list them in the order I think is thinnest to thickest.

Wrapsody:  Feels very thin to me, like a very thin, cool t-shirt.

Anaju:  Slightly thicker than the Wrapsody, but still thin, light, and breathable like a standard t-shirt or jersey knit sheets.

Moby:  Much denser than the previous wraps.  Has a tightness in the fibers of the fabric than make it feel heavier and warmer, like a thick t-shirt material.

Sleepy Wrap (aka Boba Wrap):  Reminds me of super light stretchy sweatpants.  Feels kind of on the thick side, but the stretchiness and looseness of the threads almost makes it feel like it could be airier than the Moby.

My recommendations
After trying these wraps out, there are certain situations where I would recommend one over the other.  Here are a couple I thought people might be interested in.

Summer babywearing:
Any of these can be used in summer time, but some are going to be hotter than others.  I think Moby would be the hottest, but I also used one of the UV Mobys all summer when my 2nd was a baby and we both did fine.  We were hot, but that's unavoidable when it's 90+ degress out and you're in the sun.  But I think the Wrapsody Stretch and Anaju would be much better for summer babywearing.  The Moby and Sleey Wrap would be hotter than the others, so I would avoid those if possible.

Age & Weight:
Most brands say they can be used up to 18 months, but you are not likely to find an experienced babywearer say that.  That being said, they aren't exactly lying.  I have a friend that used a Moby until her daughter was well over a year and it worked well enough for them.  But you are going to find that stretch wraps are not as supportive as baby grows and becomes more wiggly, so generally we recommend you find another carrier once your baby is older.

So how long would I use these wraps?  This is very subjective depending on the weight of your baby and how comfortable you are wearing them in that wrap, but here's my opinion.

Sleepy Wrap (aka Boba Wrap): 2-3 months since it is SO stretchy
Anaju:  around 4-6 months, depending on the weight of your baby
Moby:  6 months since they aren't as stretchy as an Anaju or Sleepy Wrap
Wrapsody: easily 12+ months.  I'm not sure at what weight I would start to find this wrap less comfortable, but it is definitely supportive enough to use well past a year.

Again, I am not saying that these wraps can not be used past these ages, just that it might not be the ideal carrier after a certain point and I would not recommend them past that point.  I believe most would still be safe to keep using if wrapped correctly, though I do have concerns about the Sleepy Wrap.  In my opinion, I think the Sleepy Wrap is too narrow and way too stretchy to be used for 18 months.

Did I leave anything out?!  Let me know if you have any questions!

Friday, March 11, 2011

More price increases

The cotton shortage strikes again and cotton pricing continue to affect the babywearing industry.  Also, an increase in shipping costs and the expense of meeting CPSC standards have both contributed to the price increases across the industry.

Cotton shortages have caused the price of cotton to almost double and the companies that make baby carriers are being directly affected by the increase in the cost of materials.  It remains to be seen if other companies will also be affected by this shortage, but it is likely we will see the price of more carriers go up as time goes by.

See this article for more information on the cotton shortage.

We have already seen price increases from Hoppediz and Wrapsody, as well as some of the smaller WAHM based companies.  Now Maya Wrap has announced a price increase that will go into effect April 18th.  At this time, the price increase does not look to be too significant, which is good news, though I do not know what the new retail pricing will be yet.

On a side note, they are also discontinuing some of their fabrics.  Aqua Stripe (9), Pink Stripe (11), Red (13), Periwinkle Blue (16), Light Orchid (19), Pool (38), Blue Majesty (53), Orchid/Pink Fusion (71), and Pool/Cool Waters (73) will not be restocked once these colors are gone.

We'll keep you posted of any more price increases as they are announced.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ring Sling: photo tutorial

Using your ring sling can seem really confusing in the beginning.  Thankfully, Erin from Wrapstar Baby Carriers has made this great step-by-step tutorial on how to thread and use a ring sling and has given us permission to re-post it for you!

Thanks Erin!  To find out more about Wrapstar and their products, visit their blog or store.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Regulating Baby Carriers

People have been asking questions about the new regulations to the babywearing industry that are greatly affecting small, work at home based companies, so I thought I would explain some of these new regulations to help people understand what is going on.

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA) has put into place many regulations that are affecting the babywering industry.  These are aimed at making these products safer and easier to track in the event of a recall.

Everyone agrees that having standards to make sure babywearing products are safe is a good idea and even necessary for the future of the industry.  But unfortunately, these measures can be expensive to implement and hard for a small business to comply with.  For example, a small stay at home mom that makes ring slings is now required to put special tags and labels on all her products as well as attach product registration cards and have on-line registration available.  The rings they use will also have to be tested and proven to be lead free and soon they will also have to stress test their slings in each position the directions say they can be used.

The costs of complying add up very quickly and are simply too expensive for most small businesses.  Plus, these regulations will make it much harder for new businesses to start up since the costs are so much higher.  The babywearing community has always been full of many small, stay at home based businesses that provide a wide variety of carriers.  But these new regulations will probably lead to a lot less diversity in the babywearing industry since the number of businesses that can afford to comply will be limited to larger businesses that can absorb the costs.

The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA) is doing what they can to help.  When ever possible, they are trying to provide cost saving services to small businesses so they don't have to incur the whole expense themselves.  But unfortunately, this still isn't enough to allow many of the smaller businesses to stay profitable.  Sadly, the days of the small, stay at home moms sewing baby carriers in their spare time looks like it will soon be coming to an end.

Disclaimer:  I only stated the regulations to the best of my understanding.  There may be more regulations already in affect and due to come into affect that I am not aware of.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 Guide to Summer Baby Carriers

It's time to start thinking about summer babywearing and finding the right summer carrier for you and your little ones.  Summer is hot and wearing a little one in summer is going to be hot too.  But fortunately, there are some options to help keep you and your baby a little more comfortable while babywearing in the heat.

First you need to think about what your needs are.  If you have a little baby or a toddler that you only wear for short periods of time, a ring sling might be the best option.  If you plan to do a lot of babywearing this summer, than you are going to want the comfort of a two shoulder carrier like a mei tai or soft structured carrier (aka buckle carrier).  Here's a run down on the different styles and some of the brands that might work well for you.

Ring Slings
Ring slings are great for summer.  They don't have as much fabric touching you and your baby as some carriers and they are great for quick carries when a busy toddler wants to be held for a few minutes and then wants down again.  But ring slings are a one shoulder carrier and unless you are used to it, prolonged wearing with a ring sling can get uncomfortable since your child's weight will mostly be on one shoulder.

Ring slings like Maya Wraps and our Hoppediz ring sling conversions by Kalea Baby are made with a single layer of woven material that is very breathable. Silk is also a very cool fabric to use in summer, which makes our double layer Dupioni silk slings by SweetPea Ring Slings another good option for summer. You can also find ring slings made from linen or solarveil fabric that are perfect for summer. But realistically, most ring slings are going to be fairly cool simply due to the lack of fabric.

For the wrappers out there, you don't have to stop wrapping just because it's summer.  There are a lot of great wraps out there that are lighter and better in the heat.  Wraps can be a great option for summer since there are so many different ways to use them.  You can find lots of different ways to wrap using The Babywearer's extensive wrap instructions links page or by purchasing wrap instruction media like the Wrapsody DVD or Hoppediz instruction booklet.

So if you are looking for a woven, Hoppediz makes a Hopp Light that is very nice for summer. It is extremely thin and soft and reminds people of a very expensive cotton sheet. Amazonas Classic wraps are also woven wraps that are very light and breathable. The weave on these still feels like a woven without being thick and hot. Vatanai and Didymos linens are other brands of lighter woven wraps that people recommend for warmer weather.

Gauze wraps, like the Wrapsody Bali Breeze, are very light and airy. You have to be more careful when wrapping a gauze wrap to avoid pressure points, but these wraps are very cool and lighter than a woven.

Wrapsody also makes a stretch wrap that is kind of a hybrid wrap.  It's not as stretchy as a standard stretch wrap and can be used comfortably with older, heavier babies.  The wraps are thinner than other stretch wraps, making them much lighter and cooler.  You can also safely use this wrap to do other carries that are not safe to do in a traditional stretch wrap.

If you just absolutely love stretch wraps though, or have a tiny baby you want to snuggle this summer, check out one made with a bamboo blend since bamboo tends to be a cooler fabric.  The Anaju stretch wraps by 3TD are made of 70% organically grown viscose of bamboo and 30% organic cotton. These wraps are amazingly soft and light. Lovey Duds also makes a bamboo stretch wrap and you can even make your own by purchasing a bamboo jersey at the fabric store.  Moby wraps aren't bamboo, but they do have some that offers extra UV protection.

Mei Tais and Soft Structured Carriers
Mei Tais and soft structured carriers (buckle carriers) can be another good option for summer babywearing.  If you wear your little one a lot and for long periods of time, you will want the support of a two shoulder carrier like these.

When looking for a Mei Tai or soft structured carrier, try to avoid anything made with heavy materials or lots of layers. Thinner, narrower bodied carriers are going to allow more air around you and baby and help keep you both cooler. Action Baby Carrier, AngelPack, Olives & Applesauce and Baby Hawk are some of my favorite carriers, but there really are too many to list! You can also look for Mei Tais made from solarveil fabric, which are breathable and can be used as water carriers, but can be very hard to find since solarveil is no longer being manufactured.

Water Carriers
A water carrier can be a really useful thing to own, especially in summer. These can be worn in the ocean or pool, as well as the shower. Many also provide some sun protection, but protection can vary. Water carriers can be found in a variety of styles, including stretch wraps, ring slings, and Mei Tais. Wrapsody makes a stretch wrap water carrier with a UPF rating for 45. TaylorMade makes mesh ring slings. Solarveil Mei Tais are harder to find, but they are out there, especially if you look for people selling used carriers.

Final thought
Summer is hot and having your baby touch you is never going to be cool.  That being said, a little sweat never hurt anyone and it's worth the added convenience and snuggles you get in exchange!  So find a carrier that makes you more comfortable and enjoy your summer!

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