Thursday, September 22, 2011

Leave the car seat in the car...

Trigger warning!

Tuesday, Sept 20th, a 3 month old baby dies when the car seat they were in fell from a shopping cart.  (link to article)  This unimaginable tragedy is a sad, sad reminder why car seats should stay in cars.

Most people don't realize this, but balancing car seats on shopping carts is very dangerous.  We see everyone do it, and it seems safe enough.  I know I was just as ignorant as most other parents.  But the reality is that car seats do fall from shopping carts and the injuries a baby receives can be fatal.

There are other dangers too.  The shopping cart could roll away and this is especially dangerous if you are in a parking lot.  Shopping carts also are easily tipped over, especially by older children than may be hanging inappropriately off the cart.

Infant car seats are better off being left in the car.  Instead, babywearing is a much better option.  It's not only safer, but babies also tend to be much more content and happy when being worn while shopping.  Young babies will often just fall asleep and older babies and toddlers tend to be more patient.

Unfortunately accidents happen and there is no way to be completely safe, be we can be safer and avoid certain risks.  Please spread the word about the dangers of using car seats in shopping carts.  Do yourself a favor and leave the car seat in the car and grab a baby carrier instead.

My heart goes out the the family in the article referenced above.  I can not imagine their pain during this loss.  My sincere condolences.