Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lenny Lamb Rainbows

Lenny Lamb has some gorgeous rainbow wraps, but it can be hard to tell the sometimes subtle differences from most photos.  So we took some up close and side by side photos to help you compare the colors.

Lenny Lamb rainbows come in four different weft colors: dark blue, green, light yellow, and red.  The weft color in a wrap can drastically change the appearance of the wrap, as is very obvious with the red weft color looking like a completely different rainbow.

The red is the most different, looking like completely different colors, but they are in fact the exact same design.  The green and dark blue are the most subtle of the four, but they do look different.

The dark blue weft color is a tiny bit darker and beeper than the green.  It's colors feel the boldest, but it loses some of the softness you get with the green.  The green weft is available in both 100% cotton and bamboo/cotton blend wraps.  The other rainbows are only available in bamboo/cotton.

Wrap name by weft color:
  • Red - Sunset Rainbow
  • Light Yellow - Sunrise Rainbow
  • Green - Tangata (bamboo) & Gaia (cotton)
  • Dark Blue - Paradiso Rainbow
And here are some action shots!  See if you can guess the weft color!

You can find these Lenny Lamb wraps and others at our shop.


  1. That's so helpful, thankyou!

  2. That's the best help ever! i wish this info were available more easily and widely!

  3. Im wondering what weft color the luna wrap is ?