Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Amazonas Customer Review

If you've been wondering about the Amazonas woven wraps, here's a lovely review from a wonderful mama that is getting her 3rd Amazonas wrap!
I always like trying new things so I was very excited to see a US vendor carrying Amazonas.  I've had two of the Classic wraps - Carrageen and Lollipop - both are fantastic colorways, very bright and cheerful (especially Lollipop!).  I prefer thin wraps that mold well and Amazonas fit the bill; the weave reminds me most of a Vatanai stripes although I think it's a bit denser.  They are soft and floppy brand new which I think makes them "new wrapper friendly" - no need to really break them in.  The texture is nice too - just the right amount of slide and grip.  I used them comfortably this summer with my 27 pound toddler - very nice in our hot humid summers!  Amazonas also have long, flowy tapers like a Vatanai or Zara which gives the tails a nice look.   They are also nice and wide which makes them more toddler friendly.  Of course, I'm also looking forward to wrapping our spring newborn in one ;-)
 Thanks Meredith for the great review and pics!

These wraps are a great option for summer and an extremely good value.  I love all the fun colors!  Do you have one?  We'd love to hear what you think!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Meet Rowan

Introducing Rowan, the newest stretch wrap by Wrapsody!  This beautiful wrap is a rich plum color with pink lotus flowers in the center and water inspired waves along the edges.  Kristi got the inspiration for this wrap from a placenta print after the birth of her daughter Alice.  The butterfly symbolizes loss of pregnancy or birth and is inspired by Remembering Rowan; the flowers celebrate life and birth.

This is a comparison of Rowan next to some of Wrapsody's other wraps.  Rowan is on the far left, with Alice (a Bali Breeze wrap) in the center which is slightly lighter and pinker than Rowan, and Aphrodite in purple at the right.

Wrapsody has also brought back Stella for a limited time!  This stunning wrap is inspired by the night sky.  A gradation of deep shades of blue are complemented with white stars throughout the darkest layer.

I have greatly enjoyed using my Wrapsody stretch wraps!  These wraps are not only supportive, but unique and beautiful!  They have done a great job at Wrapsody creating these amazing carriers!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Pricing Increases

Due largely to a global cotton shortage, we are seeing the first price increases in the baby carrier industry.  Wrapsody and Hoppediz have both announced an increase in the cost of their baby carriers. 

The new pricing for Wrapsody carriers will go in to effect on Dec 25th, 2010.  The wraps will go up by about $5 per wrap.  Wrapsody is exploring options to decrease costs, but another increase sometime next spring may also be necessary.

Hoppediz prices increase will start Jan 1st, 2011.  You'll see about a $5 increase for a 4.6m Hopp wrap with prices for the new Hopp Jacquard Chicago as well as Hopp Light being more significant.  Prices for Hopps in the US probably won't immediately go up, but increase more slowly as products are re-ordered.

Shipping costs and the expense of meeting CPSC standards have both contributed to the price increases, but the biggest factor has been the cost of cotton.  Cotton shortages have caused the price of cotton to almost double and the companies that make baby carriers are being directly affected by the increase in the cost of materials.  It remains to be seen if other companies will also be affected by this shortage, but it is likely we will see the price of more carriers go up as time goes by.

See this article for more information on the cotton shortage.