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Warm Weather Babywearing

There are lots of things to consider what to use when babywearing in the heat.  Some carriers are lighter and more breathable than others, while some offer sun protection or can be used in the water.  Certain fabrics have specific qualities that may make them preferred to other fabrics for summer babywearing.  This post is geared towards explaining some of these options without mentioning specific brands.  If you are looking for a more detailed brand breakdown, see our 2014 Guide To Summer Baby Carriers.

Babywearing in the heat

Babywearing is warm.  Those little heaters are great during the colder months, but when the weather starts getting warmer, so does babywearing.  While there is no way to be completely sweat free when there is a little body touching yours, there are carriers and fabrics that are cooler than others.

Here are a couple things to consider when deciding what kind of carrier is best for you this summer:
  • What is your budget?  There is a WIDE range in carrier options from do it yourself wraps to custom made carriers.  Knowing your budget will help you decide if you should buy new or used or what brands to consider.
  • Do you prefer a specific style of carrier already?  If you do, it won't matter if a gauze wrap is cooler than a buckle carrier if you won't like using a wrap.
  • Do you need a two shoulder carrier? Ring slings are great for little babies and up and down toddlers, but if you plan to wear for extended periods of time, a two shoulder carrier might be a better option.
  • Do you need sun protection?  Some carriers are made with special fabrics that offer UV protection.  Think about what parts of their body will be protected by the carrier and when to help you decide if this is an important issue for you or not.
  • Will you be spending a lot of time at a beach or pool?   If you think you will be in or around water frequently during the summer, it may make sense to make your summer carrier a water carrier.  Some people own and use both, but if you can only afford one, you will want to decide how important it is to you to have a fast drying, water friendly carrier.

Styles of carriers

There are pros and cons to many styles of baby carriers, but there are great summer options available in all styles.

Ring Slings
Ring slings are a great option for summer because there is very little fabric on you and your baby.  Some fabrics will be lighter than others, but short of fleece and wool, a ring sling will just naturally be a lighter, cooler carrier.  But because it is a one shoulder carrier, it's not going to be as comfortable for long periods of time, especially if you are wearing a bigger baby or toddler.
Pros: one layer of fabric, light and not bulky, tail can be used to shade baby from the sun
Cons: one shoulder carrier

Wraps can be another great option for summer.  They come in many different fabrics and weights that are generally breathable.  They also can be wrapped in a variety of ways, many using only a limited number of layers on you and your baby.  Making your own wrap is also much easier than other styles of carriers, though they have the largest learning curve when learning to use them.
Pros: available in lightweight, breathable fabrics, can be wrapped/worn in a large variety of ways
Cons: large learning curve, can be expensive depending on the brand

Mei Tais
Mei tais are sometimes recommended for a summer carrier because they are generally lighter and less bulky than a buckle carrier.  Mai tais are available in a variety of fabrics, so look for one that is thinner and breathable, but make sure you don't sacrifice support for thinness.  The more layers there are in the body panel, the heavier and less breathable they will be.
Pros: two shoulder carrier, generally less bulk and padding, can be more affordable
Cons: slight more learning curve compared to buckle carriers, make sure you buy from a reputable maker

Buckle Carriers
If you prefer buckle carriers, look for one that is lighter and less bulky.  Some brands use heavy materials and a wide design.  These would be less ideal for summer since air flow would be restricted.  When trying to decide if a SSC would be summer worthy, look for one that is made with lighter fabrics, is narrower to allow air flow in the sides, and isn't heavily layered in the body panel.  You can also find SSCs that are made specifically to be light weight or have mesh or other breathable fabrics in the body panel to make them more airy and cooler.
Pros: two shoulder carrier, easy to use, "summer" options available
Cons: can have thick layers and padding that can make them hotter

Fabric options

Different fabrics have different qualities that make them ideal for a summer carrier.  But keep in mind that all fabrics can be different weights, so even a "hotter" fabric may feel cooler than a more summer friendly blend that is thick.  So the thickness of the fabric is just as important as the type of fabric.  Another thing to keep in mind in choosing a fabric is that thinnest is not always best.  Sometimes the thinnest fabrics are also less supportive.  So make sure you consider the weight and age of your baby when choosing your carrier.

Linen is frequently recommended for summer babywearing.  Linen is often used for ring slings, but there are also many linen blend woven wraps.  When considering a linen wrap, make sure the wrap is a thin wrap since thicker linen wraps will be too hot despite being linen.

Bamboo is a great fabric for summer for many reasons.  Bamboo fabrics are often used for exercise clothing and summer clothing because it wicks moisture and is very breathable.  It is also naturally protective against UV rays and is anti-bacterial.  Carriers made with bamboo fabrics will be cooler than their cotton counterparts, though you must always consider weight/thickness.

Gauze is often used for summer carriers because it is light weight and very airy.  It is easy to see why gauze is a cooler option than many fabrics because it is visually thinner.  The way the fabric is woven leaves a lot of space in the weave for air to flow through it.  Because it is so thin, gauze can be "diggy".  So it is important when using a gauze carrier to make sure you distribute the weight well so you don't end up with pressure points.

Cotton can also be a decent summer fabric.  Depending on the weave, cotton can be very breathable.  There are many cotton wraps that are very light and airy compared to some thicker linen wraps, so cotton can be just as much of a summer fabric as linen or bamboo.  But watch for thick twill or canvas fabrics since those won't allow much air flow.

Solarweave makes a great summer baby carrier.  This fabric is light weight, thin, breathable (though not in the same way as a more open fabric like gauze) and blocks more than 98% of the sun's damaging UVA and UVB rays.  This fabric dries quickly making it a great option for water carriers, but is still supportive enough out of the water.

Solarviel fabric is no longer being made, but because it is still mentioned regularly and can be found on the for sale by owner market, I thought it should be included in the list of fabrics.  Solarviel is very airy and open, even more than gauze, but can also be diggy.  The manufacturers of Solarviel claimed that it had UV protection, which made this open weaved fabric very appealing for summer use, but it was later tested and found that the fabric actually offered ZERO UV protection (read more about it here).  But even still, the fabric is still going to be extremely breezy when used for a baby carrier, so as long as you are not counting on it for UV protection, it is still a good fabric for summer babywearing.

Mesh is used in a variety of ways for summer carriers.  Some carriers use a mesh lining between their outer fabric and the baby's body to aid in airflow.  Some carriers use a sports mesh similar to a sports jersey to add a mesh center panel to the body of a carrier.  Some water ring slings are also made from this stretchy sports mesh, but these tend to be too stretchy when used alone to be very supportive outside of the water.

Do I NEED a summer carrier?

NO!  No one needs to have a summer carrier, plenty of people just own one carrier and use it all year!  Will you be more comfortable in a summer carrier?  Yes... but most carriers can be used in all kinds of weather and it is rarely necessary that someone to buy a special carrier for summer.  Now if your only carrier is a fleece pouch, a minkee lined mei tai, or a fluffy wool wrap, then you might actually NEED a summer carrier, but don't panic if the SSC you bought and love is a little on the thick side.  I wore a heavy brand of stretch wrap all summer one year and survived just fine and so will you.  You just might sweat a little more!

Sun safety

Babies have delicate skin, so it's important to protect their skin from the sun while spending time outside.  Many sun screens are not safe for regular use on very young babies, so sometimes it's important to find other ways to shade and protect them.  Here's a few quick options to consider:
  • Safe sunblock/screen.  Read labels, Google and ask your doctor.  Make sure you get a broad spectrum sunblock and know when to reapply.
  • Sun protective wear.  Hats, leggings, baby carriers, protective covers, etc. can all be found made using special materials that will protect against UVA and UVB rays.
  • Shade.  Always seek out shade.  But remember, you can still get burned standing in the shade of a tree... been there and done that.  So if you plan to spend a lot of time outside, consider bringing some kind of shade from the sun.  Personal umbrellas are easy and portable, but there are tents and other options if you plan to stay long enough to make it worth setting up.
  • Watch the time of day.  UVB rays are the ones that burn and they are most intense between 10am and 4pm.  UVA rays are also bad, but they don't burn the skin and remain more constant throughout the day.  (find out more here)  Be more careful when out between 10am and 4pm.
Remember, just because something offers enough shade to prevent a burn, it doesn't mean it is actually protecting you from UV rays.  When buying an umbrella or other protective cover, make sure the fabric has been independently tested to prove that it actually does what it claims.  There is no point in spending your money if it's not going to do what it says.

Tips & Tricks

 Here's a few quick tricks to make babywearing in summer a little more comfortable.

  • Stay out of the sun!  Seems obvious, I know, but it's probably the single biggest thing you can do to stay cool.  Bring portable shade if you need to.  Umbrellas on a sunny day may look silly, but they feel nice.
  • Bring ice!  Ice feels great when it's hot.  Drink it, carry some ice water in a spray bottle, or soak a bandanna in it and drape it around your necks!  Some people like to put frozen gel packs between them and baby to stay cool, but make sure not to let baby's skin get too cold!
  • Dress light.  Strip baby down before putting them in the carrier.  You can always throw their onsie back on as soon as you take them out.
  • Cover up.  It sounds weird, but sometimes adding thin, breathable fabrics that keep the sun off your skin can actually make you feel cooler.  If being in the sun is unavoidable, draping a thin layer of sun friendly fabric over you and/or baby can save your skin from those hot rays.


To find out more about specific brands that are recommended for summer, see our 2014 Guide To Summer Baby Carriers.  There is bound to be some sweat this summer no matter what carrier you use.  But spending those precious moments snuggling your sweet baby makes it all worth it!  Drink lots of water, dress light, and enjoy your time together, your babywearing days will be over before you are ready!

Have a great summer!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2013 Guide to Summer Baby Carriers

Check out our updated 2014 Guide to Sumemr Baby Carriers

With spring just around the corner and summer close behind that, many are already wondering what babywearing is going to be like when the heat hits.   Babywearing in winter is a great way to keep your little one warm while you enjoy outdoor activities in the cold.  But having a little body touching you when it's 90 degrees out is going to feel hot, no matter what.  Luckily, there are some carries that are cooler than others.  While you still might get hot wearing your little one, these carriers can help keep you and your baby a little more comfortable while babywearing this summer.

When deciding what carrier to get for summer, you have to decide what your needs are.  If you have a little baby or a toddler that you only wear for a short period of time, a ring sling might be the best option.  But if you plan to do a lot of babywearing this summer, you'll probably want the comfort of a two should carrier like a mei tai, soft structured carrier (aka buckle carrier), or even a lighter wrap.

Ring Slings
Ring slings are great for summer. They don't have as much fabric touching you and your baby as some carriers and they are great for quick carries when a busy toddler wants to be held for a few minutes and then wants down again. But ring slings are a one shoulder carrier and unless you are used to it, prolonged wearing with a ring sling can get uncomfortable since your child's weight will mostly be on one shoulder.

By nature, ring slings will be cooler just because of the lack of fabric, but there are lots of ring slings that are made using fabrics that are cooler and more breathable than others.  Linen is a fabric that many people like for summer and you can find them available by Sakura Bloom, SweetPea Ring Slings, Sleeping Baby Productions and Kalea Baby, as well as many other brands.  The super thin Hoppediz Pune wraps we had converted by Kalea Baby make an AMAZINGLY light wrap conversion sling that is thin, lightweight, super soft, but still really supportive.  We also carry these Wrapsody Bali Breeze gauze wraps converted by SweetPea Ring Slings.  These lightweight gauze wraps are still breathable even as a double layer ring sling.  If you can find one, Solarveil is really lightweight and airy, although please be aware that it does not offer any UV protection like once believed (read more here).  We do carry a Kalea Baby ring sling made out of Solarweave, which offers a UPF rating of 50+.  This fabric is really lightweight and thin and dries fast, which is why it is listed as a water carrier.

Realistically though, most ring slings are going to be fairly cool simply due to the open design, so unless you are planning to spend a large amount of time outside or live in a particularly hot area, you might was well just pick the ring sling you like most and will enjoy using year round!

For the wrappers out there, you don't have to stop wrapping just because it's summer.  There are a lot of great wraps out there that are lighter and better in the heat. Wraps can be a great option for summer since there are so many different ways to use them. You can find lots of different ways to wrap using The Babywearer's extensive wrap instructions links page or by purchasing wrap instruction media like the Wrapsody DVD or Hoppediz instruction booklet.

If you are looking for a woven, both the Pune and Light by Hoppediz are great wraps for summer.  They are thin, light weight, and breathable.  The Light feels more like a high quality thick cotton sheet while the Jacquard Pune feels more like a traditional woven, only super thin and floppy, but surprisingly supportive.  The Amazonas Classic wraps are lighter and more affordable than many wovens, though they are not well known in the US and are harder to find here. Vatanai and Didymos linens are other brands of lighter woven wraps that people recommend for warmer weather.

Gauze wraps, like the Wrapsody Bali Breeze, are very light and airy. You have to be more careful when wrapping a gauze wrap to avoid pressure points, but these wraps are very cool and lighter than a woven.  Wrapsody also makes a stretch wrap that is kind of a hybrid wrap. It's not as stretchy as a standard stretch wrap and can be used comfortably with older, heavier babies. The wraps are thinner than other stretch wraps, making them much lighter and cooler. You can also safely use this wrap to do other carries that are not safe to do in a traditional stretch wrap.

If you just absolutely love stretch wraps though, or have a tiny baby you want to snuggle this summer, check out one made with a bamboo blend since bamboo tends to be a cooler fabric and helps wick moisture away.   Anaju, Happy Wrap and Lovey Duds all make bamboo stretch wraps and you can even make your own by purchasing a bamboo jersey at the fabric store.  Moby wraps aren't bamboo and are fairly heavy, but they do have some that offer extra UV protection if that is a concern for you.

Mei Tais and Soft Structured Carriers
Mei Tais and soft structured carriers (buckle carriers) can be another good option for summer babywearing. If you wear your little one a lot and for long periods of time, you will want the support of a two shoulder carrier like these.

When looking for a Mei Tai or soft structured carrier, try to avoid anything made with heavy materials or lots of layers. Thinner, narrower bodied carriers are going to allow more air around you and baby and help keep you both cooler.

If you are looking for a buckle carrier, AngelPacks are one of the lighter SSCs on the market that are not specifically designed for summer and great for year round use.  But if you are looking for something more specifically for summer, the Outback by Onya Baby and the ERGO Performance Baby Carrier are both designed to be cooler with mesh linings that wick away moisture.  Two Mommas Designs also has a Solarweave carrier that is very thin, has a UPF 50+ rating, wicks moisture and dries fast which is why it is listed as a water carrier.  The Boba Air is also very light and thin, though made out of nylon, so not as breathable as some carriers.

If you prefer mei tais, Earthy Bliss has a wrap conversion mei tai called the Heavenly Breeze that has been designed to be light weight and cooler.  It is made using a single layer of woven wrap for the body panel, so it is lighter and more breathable than other conversions that are usually made with several layers of fabric.  Cotton mei tais like Two Mommas Designs and BabyHawk are generally also decent light weight options.

Nuzzle Me Creations and KinderPack both make mei tais and buckle carriers with a mesh center panel, though both these brands can be harder to buy new since they are usually made to order.

Water Carriers
A water carrier can be a really useful thing to own, especially in summer. These can be worn in the ocean or pool, as well as the shower. Many also provide some sun protection, but protection can vary. Water carriers can be found in a variety of styles, including stretch wraps, ring slings, and Mei Tais.

Wrapsody makes a stretch wrap water carrier with a UPF rating for 45. Our Kalea Baby water slings as well as the Two Mommas Designs full buckle water carriers are made with Solarweave, which is super light, dries fast, and has a UPF 50+ rating.  SweetPea Ring Slings, Comfy Joey and TaylorMade Slings make mesh ring slings for use in water.  Solarveil Mei Tais and ring slings are harder to find, but they are out there, especially if you look for people selling used carriers, but they do not offer the sun protection that Solarveil once claimed (see more about Solarveil here).

See our special blog post for more information about choosing a water carrier.

Sun Protection
As we mentioned, there are a few carriers that offer sun protection, but most do not.  Making sure your little babe doesn't burn is important while enjoying the summer together.  Make sure your baby has a hat, preferably one with a UPF rated fabric.  All fabrics will shade the skin, but just because a fabric offers enough shade to keep your baby from turning red doesn't mean that their sensitive skin is not still being damaged by the UV rays.  Some people also use umbrellas as portable shade.  You may look a little silly at the park, but your baby will thank you.  Another option is to buy a special cover designed to protect their skin, like the Peekaru Ozone cover, though this particular cover has been discontinued and there are a limited number available before they are gone.  Sun blocks are also an option, but make sure you get one that is safe for your baby and their age.  Tickle Time is a new powder sun block that is 100% all natural minerals. 

Final thought
Summer is hot and having your baby touch you is never going to be cool. That being said, a little sweat never hurt anyone and it's worth the added convenience and snuggles you get in exchange! So find a carrier that makes you more comfortable and enjoy your summer!

For more general information on fabric options and carrier styles when choosing a summer carrier, see our Warm Weather Babywearing post.

Have a tip you'd like to share? Contact us, we'd love to hear it!

Friday, February 15, 2013

NEW Moby GO!

Moby has recently released a new carrier called the Moby GO!  This is a soft structured carrier (aka SSC or buckle carrier) and is specifically designed for older babies that may not be as comfortable to wear in a Moby Wrap anymore.  I think this is awesome because many people use Moby wraps and some of them have no idea the world of options available to continue to comfortably wear as their child grows.  The Moby GO is likely to reach a wider audience and keep more babies being worn for longer, which I think is an AWESOME thing for everyone!!!

Another thing I think it awesome about Moby's new SSC is the price!  At $79.95, the Moby GO is more affordable than many other carriers on the market making it more appealing to the newer or more casual babywearer.  I believe there are people who are just not able or willing to spend $100+ on a baby carrier, and the Moby GO is more likely get those people that are not convinced babywearing is worth the investment to give it a chance.  And more people babywearing is always a good thing!

Moby GO Closeup

The Moby GO has some great features at an amazing price. 

The Moby GO is a soft structured carrier designed to keep you on the go as your baby grows.  Wide straps that distribute your child's weight and a high body makes this a perfect carrier for older babies and toddlers from 15 - 45 lbs.
  • 100% cotton body with should straps that are 97% cotton 3% spandex for added comfort
  • Wide shoulder straps with cross-shoulder design
  • Ergonomic seat design with a 14.5" seat and a 18" tall body
  • Padded leg openings for added comfort
  • Removable hoodie-style sleeping hood with storage pocket
  • Unique dual foam waist belt that adjusts from 26" to 54"
  • Designed to be used for front carrying only

First Impression

I tried the carrier the other day with my two year old and there are a couple of key things that make the Moby GO stand out to me.

The price - As I said earlier, the Moby GO is very affordable.  At $79.95, it competes with many more expensive carriers on the market.

Designed for older babies and toddlers in mind - The Moby GO is designed to be used from 15-45 lbs.  Though the Moby Wrap can be used with a larger baby, most people prefer to stop using it with older babies because it is just not as supportive as other carriers available.  The Moby GO is the perfect option for people that have been using a Moby Wrap and want something more convenient and supportive for their older, more active baby.  That being said, the body of the carrier is TALL and may not fit all babies at 15 lbs.  At 18" tall, it was even tall on my petite 2 year old.

Shoulder straps -  The shoulder straps on the Moby GO have a unique shape to them.  The straps are wide and curved, which makes them surprisingly comfortable.  They are not padded, but the width of them makes the additional padding unnecessary.  The width and slight curve of them distribute the weight more like a wrap and also allows them to sit further out on your shoulder while being crossed in the back, not riding up on your neck like some carriers can do.  Another thing is that the strap fabric has 3% spandex in them, giving them just enough one way stretch to allow the fabric to conform to your body.  The fabric portion on the shoulder straps is MUCH longer than on most SSC.  This means that the straps can only be crossed and prevents the carrier from being able to be worn "backpack" style for a back carry, which is why this is only considered a front carry baby carrier.

The sleeping hood -  The sleeping hood on the Moby GO is cool!  It is a hoodie style hood, not a flat hood like you see on many carriers.  I don't personally use sleeping hoods often, so I don't have any opinion on functionality, but I thought I would mention that it was different.  It is easily rolled up and stored in a front pocket, which I love.  And I really love that the hood can be removed completely!  Some people LOVE sleeping hoods, so I think they are important to have on a carrier.  But I like the fact that people that don't use them ever can just take it off all together.

Storage pocket - I love pockets on carrier and wish more had them.  99% of the time I am carrying my entire house with my in my diaper bag, so it doesn't matter, but it's nice to have the option of throwing a credit card and a camera in my front pocket and traveling light when I am able to.

Waist belt - The waist belt had a few unique things I wanted to mention.  First, there is what I would call a utility strap across the waist belt that you could clip things to, like your phone or keys, though its wide enough that you may have to buy something specific if you want to strap your keys to it.  The second thing that is unique about the waist belt is that there is a flap of fabric that extends underneath the webbing that gives some added comfort and keeps the webbing from touching as much of your body.  I thought the waist belt felt really comfortable and I liked the additional fabric.

Buckle safety - There are safety loops for the shoulder strap buckles.  This is great if you are one of those few lucky people out there that have a toddler that likes to unbuckle carriers.  Most don't do this, so it's not generally an issue.  But if they do, this would stop the shoulder strap from coming completely undone.

Now that I have pointed out some of the unique or cool features about the Moby GO, I'll list my personal opinions of the pros and cons of this carrier.

  • Price: $79.95 is super affordable for a carrier of this quality
  • Designed for older babies when they have outgrown other carriers.  18" body make this ideal for toddlers and will easily fit through the babywearing years.
  • Uniquely designed shoulder straps are extra wide and comfortable.  I also loved that they didn't have the added bulk of the padding.  It really felt nice across my back.
  • Fabric feels soft right out of the box.
  • Removable sleeping hood with storage pocket.
  • Utility strap on waist belt to hook phone or keys.
  • Safety strap for shoulder straps to keep the carrier from coming off if your toddler figures out how to unbuckle the carrier!

  • Designed for older babies and can not be used with infants or petite/younger babies.  18" body is a very tall carrier that will only fit once a baby is a certain size.  Some babies will not be big enough at 15 lbs.
  • Can only be used to do front carries.  The way the straps are designed does not allow them to be worn "backpack" style, so the straps can only be worn crossed.  This would not be a con for me personally since I usually wear even my toddler on my front, but some people only like wearing their bigger babies and toddlers on their back and find it uncomfortable to do a front carrier with a larger, older baby.
  • May be too big for really petite wearers.  The carrier itself is wide and taller than many carriers since it is designed for older babies.  The added fabric on the waist may also make it harder for someone really petite to get the waist comfortable.  But the waist is supposed to adjust to 25" and since the carrier should be worn lower than your natural waist, even people with tiny waists may still be able to wear it comfortably.
  • Some people may not like the safety strap for the shoulder buckles since it adds an extra step in buckling.  But it's not really a con since it keeps babies safe! :)
  • These carries are made in Thailand which could be an issue for people that prefer to by US made products.  Part of having a carrier of this quality available at this low of a price is that it has to be manufactured outside the US.  US made carriers can not be made with this many features and be anywhere near this price point.  Action Baby Carriers are an amazing brand that is also super affordable, but their low cost is only possible due to their super simple design and lack of extras.  This same carrier would cost much, much more if it was made in the USA.

My Experience

I was excited to try the Moby GO out, so I used it the other day to put my 2 year old down for her nap while we visited with friends.  The first thing I noticed was the fit.  The carrier was TALL!  My two year old was definitely big enough, but I am not sure at what age she would have fit in this carrier.  18" is far taller than many standard baby carriers, but is not unusual for a toddler carrier.  That is why the carrier is recommended to be used from 15-45 lbs, but it may not fit all babies right at 15 lbs.  My chunky babies hit 15 lbs very early and they would have be far too short to use this carrier at that weight.

While adjusting the carrier, it was immediately obvious to me that I loved how the straps fit.  I had been concerned about the fact that there was no padding in the shoulder straps, but it actually felt really nice.  The straps fit smoothly crossed across my back and lay nicely across each other where they crossed because there was no padding making them bulky.  The width of them felt really nice on my shoulders and they felt almost like they were hugging my shoulders.  It wasn't until later that I learned there was a small amount of spandex in the strap fabric, but I think that added to the fit of the straps and is likely the reason they hugged my shoulders the way they did.

I only got to wear my daughter for about 25 minutes and am hoping I have the opportunity to wear her longer at some point soon and give the carrier a real test.  But for the time I wore her, it was really comfortable.  I am used to wearing my toddler on my front so I can nurse her when I am putting her to sleep, so for me that was not an issue.  I promise to update this as soon as I have more info, but overall I was really impressed.  Moby has come out with a really great carrier that is well made out of quality materials and kept it super affordable even though they could have easily charged much more for this product if they had wanted to.


Your opinion is the only opinion that matters!  I should add this to the end of all my reviews!

I just wanted to add that even though I like this carrier, and I think it is a great addition to the market, it's not going to be the ideal carrier for everyone.  My friend who exclusively back carries can even try this carrier to see if she likes it.  So I tried to be as thorough as I could to give you as much information as I can to help you decide if this carrier could work for you.  But like I have said many times before, everybody and ever body is different.  What works for one may not work at all for another.  The only way to know for sure if a carrier will work is to try it.  But if you know you have a super petite baby or like doing back carries, this should be enough information to rule the Moby GO out in your mind.  But if you like wearing your toddler on your front like I do (yes, even some seasoned babywearers just prefer it), then you might be as impressed with this carrier as I am :)