Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing all the amazing women out there a Happy Mother's Day!

In honor of Mother's Day, we have decided to donate a Safe Delivery for every purchase over $100 placed this weekend.

Safe childbirth, even in chaos

In the midst of war or disaster, mothers still give birth, despite the chaos around them. In places like Syria, where outbreaks of violence can cut off access to health care, childbirth can pose life-threatening risks. Our teams make sure that women living through emergency situations can deliver babies safely. A kit of simple, hygienic supplies, including rubber gloves, a bar of soap and a warm blanket for the newborn, can help make childbirth safer — and happier — for both mother and baby.

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Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Love in Motion Giveaway and Interview

When we were asked if we'd like to interview Liz, I did not expect it to be so fun! Liz is a MamAmor doll brought to life through a partnership between Kristi, Kelli, and Adriana of Wrapsody, The Babywearing Workout, and MamAmor dolls. I never expected the life of a MamAmor doll to be so interesting!

A former marketing consultant, Liz now enjoys an active life as a stay-at-home mother of Cate, 6 months, and Sterling, 4. She enjoys adventuring with her babies and her husband, John. She considers herself a diligent student of motherhood and loves learning and creating new things. Her favorite baby carrier is her Wrapsody Breeze, and she loves to use it while she does The Babywearing Workout DVD.

Liz enjoying an outdoor workout with baby Cate.

When did you first start babywearing?

It took a few weeks after Sterling was born. I had gotten a carrier after seeing my midwife’s MamAmor doll holding her baby in a sling, but I was a little intimidated by it, but once I started using it I felt ridiculous for worrying! It was so easy! When Cate came along, my husband had her in the wrap before I was really even up and about much.

Did babywearing come naturally to you or did it take some practice?

It was fairly natural, but it did take practice, too. I worried about tying my baby too tight or too loose, and sometimes I’d get weird pressure points before I learned to adjust it evenly.

Then a friend handed me a sarong while she held my baby. “Tie it on like a bra top, like you’d wear it to the beach,” she said. Then she pointed out how I adjusted the tightness across my bust, supporting everything firmly and evenly – not loose, not tight, no pressure points. That was a real turning point for me, because it made so much sense!

What is your favorite thing about babywearing?

When my baby takes her fingers and sort of scritches them on my collarbone as she falls asleep, I know she is happy and feels completely safe. There is something really satisfying about knowing I can meet her needs just by being with her in my Wrapsody baby carrier.

What's the craziest thing some has said to you while babywearing?

“If you don’t carry her exactly right it will ruin her hips.” Man, I have seen some crazy pictures of different cultures and how they carry their babies! I definitely agree that there’s an optimal way to carry babies, but the idea that I’ll damage my baby if I don’t do it “just right” is ridiculous. I’d love to have someone approach some of the fierce-looking women in photos and tell them their whole tribe is “doing it wrong.” 

Tell us a story of when babywearing saved your day.

Sterling, my three year old, tripped and banged his face on a chair leg. He ended up splitting his forehead and needed stitches. He was incredibly frightened at the emergency room and obviously he was in a lot of pain, but I was able to wrap him on snugly and hug him tightly to help him stay calm and still while the doctors numbed his head and stitched him up. I can’t imagine holding him down on a table while he cried for me – I was so glad they let me wrap him, and that I could! (By the way. Peroxide is a great way to get blood out of your wrap!)

What's your favorite carrier and why?

I just love my Wrapsody Haumea Breeze. I can stumble out of bed after a long night with a teething baby feeling absolutely horrible. But when I wrap up in my Haumea, I suddenly feel a little like a model. It’s trite, but it’s true. The colors are bright and cheerful and a little dressy, so every time I pass a mirror, I can’t help but smile.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s so comfortable and lightweight!

I saw that Zerberts is making an exclusive Wrapsody Stretch-Hybrid this summer, though, and I can’t wait to buy one. The colors are some of my favorites, and I think the design is going to be gorgeous.

If you could design a Liz wrap, what would it look like?

I would love to design a tree of life wrap in deep, rich red-browns and greens. We took the kids to California to the Redwood Forest this year, and it was just unbelievable, standing among those trees. I’d love to have a wrap that celebrates that feeling of being deeply rooted, but reaching skyward.

What advice would you give new babywearing mothers?

Be kind to yourself, and take yourself on mini-adventures. Explore a walking path you’ve never seen before, or seek out a museum you hadn’t heard of. Also, find ways to work exercise into your day 5 minutes at a time while you’re wearing your baby. I have the Babywearing Workout DVD, and I really love it.

Liz in the Redwood Forest with her family.

Thank you Wrapsody for bringing Liz to life.  It was really cool to read her story and advice!

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Happy Mother's Day!