Friday, March 11, 2011

More price increases

The cotton shortage strikes again and cotton pricing continue to affect the babywearing industry.  Also, an increase in shipping costs and the expense of meeting CPSC standards have both contributed to the price increases across the industry.

Cotton shortages have caused the price of cotton to almost double and the companies that make baby carriers are being directly affected by the increase in the cost of materials.  It remains to be seen if other companies will also be affected by this shortage, but it is likely we will see the price of more carriers go up as time goes by.

See this article for more information on the cotton shortage.

We have already seen price increases from Hoppediz and Wrapsody, as well as some of the smaller WAHM based companies.  Now Maya Wrap has announced a price increase that will go into effect April 18th.  At this time, the price increase does not look to be too significant, which is good news, though I do not know what the new retail pricing will be yet.

On a side note, they are also discontinuing some of their fabrics.  Aqua Stripe (9), Pink Stripe (11), Red (13), Periwinkle Blue (16), Light Orchid (19), Pool (38), Blue Majesty (53), Orchid/Pink Fusion (71), and Pool/Cool Waters (73) will not be restocked once these colors are gone.

We'll keep you posted of any more price increases as they are announced.