Thursday, September 2, 2010

New woven wrap from Hoppediz!

As some of you may have already heard, Hoppediz has a new wrap out! The Jacquard Chicago is a beautiful woven wrap done using a jacquard weave. This weave has flexibility in both diagonal directions which allows the sling to adjust itself optimally to both the baby's and the carrier's body, offering both support and comfort.

The Jacquard Chicago is black with a gray design woven into it. The wrap can be reversed to the "wrong side" which is gray with black.

The Chicago is a thinner wrap than the standard Hoppediz wraps we are used to and is slightly thicker than the "Light" wraps. So this wrap really is something completely new from Hoppediz. This is a true woven and not a stretch wrap like some people have speculated, but how it compares to other Hoppediz wraps is yet to be seen as these are brand new and have yet to be tested in the babywearing community.

Although these are not yet available in the US, they can be pre-ordered by those that want to be the first to own and try one of these stunning wraps!

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