Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hop-Tye by Hoppediz

Yet another super cool product from Hoppediz!  The Hop-Tye are not new, but have not really been available to the US market.  After seeing some of their latest limited edition Hop-Tyes, I decided to order a few.  When they arrived, I was surprised at just how neat these carriers are!

First, these are made out of Hoppediz woven wraps, so they are a lot like a wrap conversion in comfort and feel.  They also have wide, wrap style shoulder straps that spread out and cup the shoulders like a wrap, and the waist belt has light padding in it.  I haven't gotten to try one yet, but they seem like they would be really comfortable.

There are also lots of fun features that make these mei tais unique.  First, they have adjustable draw strings at both the top and bottom of the body of the carrier.  This allows the wearer to make the carrier narrower and snugger with a little baby.  The base can be cinched together to allow a little baby to be legs out more comfortably.  They are designed to be used from birth on up.

These mei tais have a sleeping hood that attaches to pull strings on the shoulder straps.  These pull strings allow the wear to easily pull the head rest up when doing a back carry.  Anyone that has tried to put up a sleeping hood while their little one was on their back knows that this is not easy!  So this is a really neat design feature that I think is too cool!

All Hop-Tyes come with a matching carrying case and a detailed instructional booklet.  They are also all limited edition and Hoppediz only carries each design for a limited time.  I love the Miami with the flower on the hood and the Kalaoa is just stunning!  The Kalaoa has a panel of decorative fabric over the wrap material.

I am really looking forward to trying one out myself when my little one arrives, but I was really impressed with how nice they are once I saw them in person.  Let me know if you have been lucky enough to get your hands on one of these, I would love to hear what you think!

Summery of details:
  • Extra-wide wrap style shoulder straps and padded waist straps provide extra comfort
  • Headrest w/attachable pull string to easily pull up headrest when doing a back carry
  • Adjustable base allows you to cinch the body of the carrier together for younger babies
  • Designed to be used from birth on up
  • Can be used for front or back carries
  • Comes with a matching carrying case
  • Detailed instruction booklet included
  • 100% cotton, tested for harmful substances


  1. cute carrier! where can you buy these?

  2. You can find them at Zerberts: