Monday, September 20, 2010

Hoppediz Fleece Covers

I just tried a Fleece Cover by Hoppediz and I was surprised at how cool it is!  Now, in all fairness, I have not tried any special cold weather babywearing gear in the past.  I always just wore an over sized jacket or coat when babywearing in fall and winter.  But when I got my Hoppediz Fleece Cover in, I couldn't resist trying it out even though I am 9 months pregnant and don't have a baby to wear right now!

To learn more about your babywearing options during the colder months, check out our article about babywearing in fall and winter.

One of the things that annoyed me the most when babywearing in winter was that my chest and neck would get so cold since I couldn't zip my jacket/coat all the way up over my daughter.  Plus, I didn't like wearing anything too thick or with too many layers under my coat since I was still nursing regularly.  A wide scarf probably would have helped a lot, but I never remembered to bring one since it wasn't something I usually used.  So I always ended up feeling cold from the chest up.

The Hoppediz fleece cover is kind of a hybrid between a standard babywearing cover and a babywearing vest (see article for details).  More affordable than a babywearing vest, the Hoppediz cover protects your neck and chest like a vest, but is more like a standard cover in the front.

Other features I love about this cover:
  • Zippers on both yours and baby's neck openings, plus draw string for you to pull yours closed tightly around your neck if you'd like.
  • Has a hood for baby
  • Front pocket for a warm place to tuck your hands!  Love that!
  • Zipper between baby's cover and your neck piece which can be used to separate the two if you don't want to use the neck piece for yourself.
  • Reflective tape on front pocket and baby's hood
  • Elastic drawstrings on the sides to tighten the front cover more snugly around baby 
Other details:
  • Designed to be used with 4 to 18 month olds
  • Machine washable
  • Made with soft polar fleece with an anti-pilling finish both inside and out.  100% polyester that has been tested for harmful substances.
Here, I have lots of pictures to show you.  My coat is a bit short and I am using a doll for this demo, plus I am 9 months pregnant right now, but hopefully it will give you a pretty good idea.

This is how it looks under a zipped up coat.
Check out the pocket in front!  I love that there is a place to keep your hands warm!
Here's a side view.  The front hangs down around baby.
Close up of baby's opening.
Zipper that separates your neck piece (on bottom of photo) from baby's cover.
Picture of front with pocket to keep your hands warm.
Inside view of baby's pouch.  This is what covers the body of your carrier and baby.  You can also see the elastic drawstring that allows you to tighten the cover more snugly around baby, especially when being used alone without a jacket or coat.
So what do you think?  Without actually having used it in action, it seems like it offers a lot of nice features for a good price.  I am looking forward to trying one out if my baby is big enough before winter is over.

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