Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh SNAP! by BabyHawk

Welcome the Oh SNAP! The new soft structured baby carrier designed and made by the people who brought us BabyHawk.

Oh SNAP! brings us a new design unlike any other soft structure carrier currently available. It is extremely adjustable with 3 part adjustment for the waist that will allow people to customize the fit they want. It can also be adjusted to fit wearers size 0 through 22 with no extra extenders required.

The chest strap is also a new design. The Oh SNAP! comes with a double chest belt for a secure and perfect fit.

The Oh SNAP! also has seat darts and leg padding to provide a comfortable fit for baby. This, along with the padded straps and waist belt for mom and dad make this an ideal carrier for a heavier baby/toddler. They were designed for use from 6 months to 45 pounds. They are also planning to release an infant insert at some point in the future which would allow it to be used with smaller babies, but there are no details on it yet.

I am very curious to try one and see how they fit! I am worried that the buckles could be a bit confusing and overwhelming at first, but I'm confident it shouldn't be an issue. They won't need to be readjusted every time, especially if only being used by one wearer. But it will be nice to see how they allow for a custom fit. I am excited to experiment! And it sounds like it will be perfect for those couples that have two completely different body shapes.

One thing is for sure though... lots of people are talking about the Oh SNAP!

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