Friday, November 6, 2009

Fun! Fun! Fun!

These balloon cover balls from Hoppediz are awesome and SO much fun!!! The kids love these and they make the balloons super durable. My toddler was sitting and bouncing on hers!

These are great to carry in your diaper bag, purse or car since it's an instant ball where ever you are! Plus, a friend gave me a tip that by twisting the balloon end and tucking it in instead of tying it, you can easily deflate the balloon and fold it back up for next time!

These really are so cool! I recommend them for anyone with young kids. We all know what it's like to need a toy in a snap to help entertain an impatient child. They also make really unique gifts!!!

The scoop:
These balloon covers are made up of pieces of Hoppediz woven wraps. They currently come in three colors: Curacao (blue and green), Delhi (red and orange), and Lima (green and light green). Each one comes with two balloons. Simply insert the balloon into the slit and blow it up while inside the cover.

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