Sunday, October 9, 2011

International Babywearing Week 2011

Babywearing... a world of possibilities!

International Babywearing Week kicks off Oct 10th, 2011 and runs through the 16th.  This years theme is "a world of possibilities" which is the perfect theme to talk about babywearing and applies in so many ways!

There are so many possibilities of different kinds of carriers making it possible for everyone to find their ideal carrier.  Babywearing also opens up so many possibilities to both parents and babies.  Babywearing allows parents to get more done and also enjoy much more time being close to their babies.  It also allows baby and parents to more easily go places together that might not be as accessible otherwise.  Baby also gets to experience and take in so much more of the world when being worn.

So how has babywearing opened a world of possibilities to you?  One of my favorites... I love shopping with my baby and toddler while babywearing.  They are so much more content when I am wearing them.  They get to see all kinds of things while I am shopping and it's so easy to talk to them about what I am doing when they are along for the ride with me.  I didn't wear my first when I shopped when he was young and it's a totally different experience.  It's also a lot less frustraiting when they are toddler since they aren't trying to climb out of the cart or grab everything within reach... although they can and will still grab stuff while being worn!

I am so grateful that I discovered the world of babywearing and hope more people have the chance to learn about and experience babywearing.  So in honor of International Babywearing Week, we're offering 10% off the purchase of any baby carrier at Zerberts this week!  Use coupon code BW2011 at checkout to receive your discount.

Do someone a favor and spread the word!!!  Babywearing may open a world of possibilities to them too!


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