Sunday, January 9, 2011

Painting Motherhood

I was first introduced to this artwork by Katie M. Berggren when I received some prints as a gift. Her work was so beautiful that I knew I had to share it with you all!

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Mostly a self taught painter and mother of two, Katie was drawn to painting emotion and the mother/child connection. She uses common daily moments as her inspiration to create beautiful paintings that capture the love and affection between parents and their children. Her paintings are easy to identify with in a very real and powerful way.

As a mother and a painter, I am compelled to create honest, emotional pieces that stylize the intimate moments of life. I delight in capturing the visible affection between mother and child in a dance of paint on canvas. My compositions play with how two or more figures can fold together within an atmosphere of movement, energy and sparkle.

There is a daily conflict for a mother of young children. For me it is a challenge that reawakens every morning as I balance my desire to be a patient, graceful mother and at the same time fulfill an instinctive urge to bring forth the creations of my soul and realize my dreams.

Capturing and releasing are two reasons I paint - to capture a fleeting moment, and to release an emotion. The process of painting allows me to connect with the world around me. But, perhaps most important, it is the way I model to my children the value of following their dreams and exploring their gifts.

I really enjoy the unique style and look of her paintings. I find she has captured some precious moments that I can relate to my own experiences with my children. I feel she has beautifully captured the emotion of motherhood in her artwork!

To find out more about Katie M. Berggren and her work, visit her website. Many prints and paintings are also available for purchase on-line.

All images have been used with the artist's permission.

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  1. AWESOME paintings.......i hav ever seen..........!!!!!!!!!!!