Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Share the Adventure with IBW!

"Share the Adventure" is this years theme for International Babywearing Week 2014 and it is perfect! Babywearing lets us go on so many adventures, bring baby right along with us and giving us the freedom to lead active lifestyles. But it is also about sharing the adventure of babywearing itself. Babywearing is the adventure, taking us from one point in our child's life to another. It's part of the adventure of parenting. We share this adventure of babywearing with eachother; friends and family, babywearing groups, online communities, even the strangers we see in the store. Sharing the adventure means so many things to me... what does it mean to you?

Sharing the Adventure on Facebook

Join us on FB to share some of your own fun babywearing adventures!
  • Oct 5th Sunday Summer Adventure - Share photos and stories of your summer babywearing adventures.
  • Oct 6th Monday Mosey - Go for a babywearing walk and snap a picture to share!
  • Oct 7th Tuesday Toddler Adventure - Have you ever worn your toddler? Share your photos and stories with us.
  • Oct 8th Wednesday Water Adventure - Babywearing at the beach? Caught in the rain? Share your stories and pictures of babywearing in and around water.
  • Oct 9th Throwback Thursday - Share pictures and stories of your earliest adventures in babywearing!
  • Oct 10th Friday Frosty Adventure - Babywearing in winter can be the perfect way to enjoy winter activities with a baby. Share your stories and pictures of babywearing in the cold.
  • Oct 11th Selfie Saturday - Take a selfie and share your current babywearing adventure, even if it's just the adventure of putting baby down for a nap!

More Babywearing Adventures

Babywearing groups all over have all kinds of fun adventures planned! Check out Babywearing International to find a local babywearing group and see what they have planned for IBW!

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