Saturday, September 28, 2013

International Babywearing Week 2013: Get Carried Away!

Every year, I get excited about babywearing week.  Not because I am a retailer, but because I am a mother and love babywearing.  I love the themes each year since they always elicit an emotional and person response for me and this years theme, "Get Carried Away", is no different.

There is no doubt how "carried away" I got with babywearing!  But I have had the pleasure and joy of meeting so many amazing families and each has gotten carried away in their own way.  Some have gotten so carried away that they never leave the house without a baby carrier.  Some are so carried away that they need to find a carrier that will let them continue to carry their three year old comfortably.  Some got really carried away and have an entire collection of carriers, each there favorite at different times for different reasons.  But the reason these people all got carried away is the same... the love of carrying their child close to them!

Sometimes we wear our children because it lets us get stuff done.  Sometimes we wear them because it keeps them safe and out of trouble.  Sometimes we wear them because they just need us.  And sometimes we wear them because we just need them... those extra snuggles and breathing in the lovely perfume of their little heads that are rested on our chest while they sleep.  What ever the reason is, we love babywearing because it let's us meet our child's needs and our own.

But babies get just as carried away with babywearing as we do.  I have seen babies bring their baby carrier to mom and ask for "uppy".  I have seen tired, overstimulated toddlers turn into passive, sleepy balls of love when put into carriers.  I have seen shy babies bravely explore their world from the safety of their carrier, able to bury themselves in their parent's chest the moment their world becomes too overwhelming for them.  But getting carried away with babywearing isn't just something babies do, it's something that is done to them.

When your baby gets carried away, they get to be with you and go where you go.  You are letting them explore the world from a vantage point they wouldn't normally have outside your arms.  Carrying your child gives them the chance to experience and participate in the tasks and conversations of your daily life.  When you wear your baby in a carrier, they get time with you when you might otherwise not be able to hold them.  You're stealing precious moments during a time that will pass by you all too quickly.  You are giving them the shelter and comfort of being with you, bonding as you spend time with each other.  I have snuggled my own tiny newborns for hours and hours letting the familiar sounds of my heart and breathing make them feel safe and calm.  When your child gets carried, they are getting much more than simply being worn in a baby carrier... they are being carried away with you, through daily life, together.

So if you haven't already, "Get Carried Away" with babywearing!  Get carried away for yourself and let your child get carried away with you!

Happy International Babywearing Week!

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