Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Batik Wraps by Wrapsody

Wrapsody, formally known as Gypsy Mama, makes beautiful, hand batiked wrap carriers.  They have two types of wraps; the Bali Breeze is a light and airy gauze wrap perfect for summer, and the Bali Stretch-Hybrid is a thin and supportive cotton jersey with a one way stretch.  Both wraps are light and cool, so perfect for wearing in hotter climate, but their beauty makes them popular year round.

I could spend forever telling you about these awesome wraps, but I really want to show off their beautiful batik!  So for the sake of this post, I will focusing on their different designs, but if you want to learn more about these amazing wraps, visit our website for the full details.

Artisan Wraps

All of the Wrapsody baby carriers are hand-dyed and batiked in Bali, Indonesia.  They are fairly traded products made with environmentally safe fabric dyes.  Because each wrap is hand-dyed, no two are exactly the same.  It is also possible to have some color variations with different runs of the same design, though they are usually pretty consistent.

Wrapsody has some fairly consistent designs, though every year some wraps are retired and some new ones created.  They also have a few limited edition ones and some exclusive designs.

Bali Breeze Designs 2013


Presley: dark navy wrap has crisp white polka dots

 Aurora: blue gradation echoes the summer sky, with whimsical stars the color of the aurora borealis
Seasonal: available only in summer (and where supplies last)

 Walden: turquoise blue lily pads and little frogs against a lime green background
Exclusive to Zerberts

Ada: emerald green wrap with sun kissed elves
Exclusive to WrapYourBaby

 Current Ongoing Prints:

Freya: golden beige dragonflies against a sage green

 Hope: a vertically repeating rainbow of stunning colors

Iris: delicate and rich earthy rainbow stripes

Kimber: brown leaf print accented by a background of violet-red, blue, indigo, grass green and yellow splashes of color

Lily: dappled grey to royal purple gradation

Morgaine: turquoise, ocean-inspired wrap has a border of turtles with images mermaids and stars in orange, green, and yellow accents

Orion: wide stripes of teal, turquoise, and green

Sophia: a rich, smoky red background with scrollwork and a compass rose the color of antique paper.

Bali Stretch-Hybrid Designs (2013):


 Chronos: inspired by a television series, police boxes are encapsulated in stars and suns against a background that captures the feel of deep space photography
Limited? Not sure if this is a planned as a limited edition or if it will join the ongoing prints, but so far they can not keep in on the shelf!

Limited Edition Dragons
Baby dragons hatching from their egg on a gradation of color
Available in three color gradations; red, grey, and purple

Smaug: red

Dany: grey

 Azoun: purple

 Nammy: steampunk-inspired owls decorate this wrap colored in delicate, earthy blues and vivid greens

Stella: blue gradation with stars scattered across the top edge mirrors the horizon just after dusk
Seasonal: not technically new, but this wrap is only run once in fall for the winter season (available longer where supplies last)


 Amethyst: fades from deep, rich aubergine to lighter shades of lilac and violet
Exclusive to Zerberts (US), Daisy Days (CAN) and coming soon to Kangarinos (UK)

Current Ongoing Prints:

Alyssa: gradation fades from green to a cream color

 Aphrodite: royal purple wrap with scroll work in silvery blues and gold

Arieko: gold and beige leaves cascade along a background of espresso brown and black

Brigid: dandelion seed heads float against the colors of spring grass

Isis: rich browns and varied blues, along with a dynamic print of interwoven stars, suns, and leaves

Jandrea: jewel-toned rainbow

Jennifer: inspired by Mexican folk-art, swirling sunflowers are framed by the clear, vibrant colors of mid-summer

Rowan: plum-colored wrap celebrates birth with pink lotus flowers and water-inspired edging

 Sterling: deep charcoal-colored rails fade to a silvery-grey center in this gradation

Discontinued Designs:
a sample of past prints that have been retired

Chukwa (stretch-hybrid): shades of brown, beige and cream camo

Sol (stretch-hybrid): dedicated to peace and tolerance with a boarder of intermingled symbols of faith and the Gye Nayame framing mama and baby elephans

Sebastian (stretch-hybrid): ginko leaves against a lovely brown background

Alice (Bali Breeze):  a tribute to the endangered Bali Mynah, with purpley pink shades on which mother and baby Mynahs rest together with curving branches

Shanti (Bali Breeze): inspired by henna hand-painting, the design is a deep indigo, set against a brindled sable background

   Haumea (Bali Breeze): rich coral to faded red with a few subtle yellow highlights make up the background and turquoise hibiscus flowers with a frame of petals

Kai (stretch-hybrid): an earthy inspired gradation

  Lana (Bali Breeze): brown to pink gradation

Collins (stretch-hybrid): burnt sienna colored background accented by grey Celtic inspired knot work

Wonder what we will see next?!

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