Wednesday, March 13, 2013

C&C Wrap Review

Colimacon et Cie is a wrap maker that makes extremely affordable organic cotton woven wraps.  We were curious how these wraps compared to some other brands, so we asked one of our fantastic customers to review a C&C Miel et Malice+ wrap for us!  Her review and photos have been posted here with her permission.

C&C Miel et Malice+ Review

I have a visiting Red C&C Miel et Malice+ here and I am very pleasantly surprised. These will definitely be wraps I recommend to other bwers from now on. If you like solid colors, organic cotton, rock solid support, and low maintenance workhorse wraps, then you really should try one. They are easy to wrap with and would be great for learning how to wrap or trying out new carries.

The tapers are on the blunt side, so if you tie in the tippy tails on your base size, then I would recommend possibly sizing up. I have a 4.5m size here and it measures 4.47m long and 72cm wide after being washed and dried in the dryer. The width is awesome for tall wrappees and padding on the shoulders!

Instead of very visible contrasting rails, the rails are simply hemmed with different colored threads. Pretty clever if you are like me and dislike really obvious contrasting rails. When I had a Storch Leo Rouge a few years ago, I was always tucking in that annoying blue rail. (I still love Leos though so will overlook that one minor detail.)

The double twill weave is dense, but lightweight and would make a fabulous warm weather wrap. If I had to compare the MM+ to another wrap, I think it reminds me most of a super broken in Storch Bio Louise wrap. It is smooth and soft, flexible, but also cool to the touch. Passes glide, but knots stay put. I don't rebozo so I can't tell you how that knot performs though, sorry!

One tiny complaint about this wrap is the middle marker. It is a long cheap-looking tag with model number, date of manufacture, and care instructions. It would be way cuter if they used the nicer orange snail logo tag that is at the end of the wrap for the middle marker, but at this price point who cares. It is a great wrap that comes in many colors and sizes AND is very budget friendly. A brand new 4.5m is less than $95 and they should be even less on FSOT.

There are white and natural colors for those who want a OOAK dye job, but I think I read some dye artists only recommend tie-dye, LWI, or the like because they do not take dye consistently enough for really smooth grads. I don't know for sure though, please ask a dye professional. They would also make pretty sweet wrap conversions, but I won't talk about that here LOL.

I worked out today with my 22lb 10mo Ds on my back in a DH TUB. He fell asleep with all my bouncing around and my shoulders were perfectly happy for the whole workout and nap. I have overlooked this wrap brand for years. Maybe because of the complicated name or because I usually go for stripes or patterns, but after this wrap goes back home, I will definitely be getting one of these for myself.