Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Boba & Peekaru

As some of you already know, Boba and Peekaru have teamed up.  Boba has acquired the current stock of Peekaru products.  They are currently selling off the old stock and will be re-branding the products under the Boba name.  Currently, only the Peekaru vests and hoodies are planned to be released, the Peekaru Ozone and Peekaru Soft Shell will not scheduled to be re-released by Boba.

What are the Peekaru products?

Peekaru makes outerwear that is made to be used while babywearing.  Whether wearing your baby at the beach or out in the bitter cold, Peekaru has you covered!

Peekaru Original
This is the original babywearing vest that was made by Peekaru.  It's made of fleece and currently comes in several colors and sizes.  We don't know yet what colors and sizes Boba will carry when they re-release this product.  Find out more about the Peekaru Original.

Peekaru Hoodie
The Peekaru Hoodie is currently out of stock, but Boba is planning to release more under the Boba name late this year.  This is designed to be worn when there is a chill in the air, but it's still too warm for the Peekaru Original.

Peekaru Soft Shell
The Peekaru Soft Shell is a babywearing coat designed to keep you and your baby warm while you enjoy participating in outdoor winter activities.  Snaps at the neck opening between you and your baby let you control the temperature.  (find out more about this babywearing coat)  As of right now, Boba has not plans of re-producting these coats, so they are only available for a limited time.

Peekaru Ozone
This Peekaru product was designed for summer.  This light weight, breathable cover provides 95% protection from UV rays.  They can be used to provide shade and protection while your baby is being worn in a carrier, being carried in an infant car seat or riding in a stroller.  These are also not scheduled to be restocked by Boba at this time, so availability is limited.  (find out more about the Ozone cover)

Get yours now!

Boba is eager to clear out their current stock to make way for the newly re-branded versions.  Because of this, they have authorized a huge sale of the remaining Peekaru products at greatly reduced prices!  This is great news for everyone, but there is limited availability and many colors and sizes have already sold out.  So if you're interested in any of these great products, get yours now!  You can see our current stock and sale prices on our website.

Happy Shopping!

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