Friday, October 8, 2010

BCIA Update

Good news, all the unexpected publicity this week seems to have delayed the recall.  The recall is still in place and expected to go through soon, but this will give the BCIA a little more time to work with their attorney and new PR firm on how to proceed at this point.  The recall could still be announced as early as next week, but unfortunately the company involved is no longer being kept in the loop, so there is no way to know exactly when the recall is coming at this point.

Thanks to everyone for all your support!  We haven't won yet, but this delay will give the babywearing community a little more time to organize.  The recall has not been rescinded and it is unlikely that this will do anything that will help the specific company involved.  But at least we may have a chance to stop some of the damage.

The BCIA still needs all the help it can get.  Our fundraiser will continue until Monday, Oct 11th.  Buy tickets for your chance to win a FREE baby carrier of your choice!  Each ticket is only $1 and all the proceeds will be donated to the BCIA.

Thanks again!

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